Intercivil Consultations
on law and government

Your passport, your cash, your say.

Without a citizenship that protects you, without a fair share of money to live on and without proportionate governing power in decisions that affects your life, you are not an equal member of society. You are one of those who have been left behind:

Intercivil Consultations on law and government are looking with you for that missing passport, missing cash and missing power. This can bring to you a climate justice of equals: life in equal dignity with other fellow humans.

Short Attention Span podcasts

The Short Attention Span (SAS) podcasts are made on 12 outrageous new ideas from the  forthcoming 2024 book ‘Nature’s Liberation’ by Géza Te. SAS podcasts are Gen Z and Gen Alpha specials, calling for three minutes’ attention only. The podcasts are recorded for those who need it that way and for those who like it that way.

They can be listened to on the ‘Intercivil 3.14’ channel both on Spotify and YouTube. These are the 12 podcasts:

  1. Civilization of life
  2. Five survival strategies
  3. Refugee-embedded world order
  4. Make refugees equal citizens
  5. Your money for your life
  6. The evolutionary hierarchy of governments
  7. Politics practiced like food shopping
  8. Age pyramid leadership
  9. Blame the politician no more
  10. The five finger Principles
  11. Put principle in practice
  12. The kids will love this

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