Intercivil Consultations
on law and politics

Your passport, your cash, your say.

Without a citizenship that protects you, without a fair share of money to live on and without proportionate governing power in decisions that affects your life, you are not an equal member of society. You are one of the billions of humans left behind.

The Intercivil Consultations on law and politics are looking with you for that missing passport, missing cash and missing power of yours. This climate justice of equals means life in equal dignity with other fellow humans. In our climate crisis mode, missing passport, cash and say:

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You will soon be able to access (here or on Spotify) the ‘Short Attention Span – Voice Transmissions’ of selected ideas from the forthcoming book: Nature’s Liberation. They are plusminus 150-second podcasts, “for those who need it that way and for those who like it that way” (short attention span or too busy to read proper books). Examples:

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